Resist asic miners

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The value of money comes from consensus, the consensus of the number of people. As the xmr-based pow virtual currency, its mining system is occupied by miners, and ordinary computers cannot participate. Emerging currencies like croat in particular. Seven or eight months ago, when there were no miners, because ordinary computers could be involved, there were more people and the mining was less difficult. Because the ordinary computer that participates in mining is much, so corresponding community is active. Now, the birth of bitmain x3 has turned croat, which used to be a currency controlled by several dozen mining machines, into a currency that ordinary people cannot participate in. Over time, the number of miners has gradually declined and their activity has become increasingly low, which eventually leads to death. So, my recommendation is to migrate croat based on old XMR to the current XMR chain that can resist asic miners. As such, the pit excavation will be freed from the state of mining machine occupation. For example, the total computational force is about 30MH. The computational force per x3 miner is about 220KH. If the migration to the current XMR invalidates the miners, then 30MH would be roughly equivalent to the computing power of more than 30,000 ordinary computers. If the miners go from a few dozen to tens of thousands, the community will naturally become more active. If activity goes up, social acceptance goes up, consensus goes up, and so does value and price.