Resist asic miners

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The value of money comes from consensus, the consensus of the number of people. As the xmr-based pow virtual currency, its mining system is occupied by miners, and ordinary computers cannot participate. Emerging currencies like croat in particular. Seven or eight months ago, when there were no miners, because ordinary computers could be involved, there were more people and the mining was less difficult. Because the ordinary computer that participates in mining is much, so corresponding community is active. Now, the birth of bitmain x3 has turned croat, which used to be a currency controlled by several dozen mining machines, into a currency that ordinary people cannot participate in. Over time, the number of miners has gradually declined and their activity has become increasingly low, which eventually leads to death. So, my recommendation is to migrate croat based on old XMR to the current XMR chain that can resist asic miners. As such, the pit excavation will be freed from the state of mining machine occupation. For example, the total computational force is about 30MH. The computational force per x3 miner is about 220KH. If the migration to the current XMR invalidates the miners, then 30MH would be roughly equivalent to the computing power of more than 30,000 ordinary computers. If the miners go from a few dozen to tens of thousands, the community will naturally become more active. If activity goes up, social acceptance goes up, consensus goes up, and so does value and price.
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Getting companions and endorsers on YouTube may not appear to be too significant, however the profit from venture is absurdly creative youtube comments. If I somehow happened to rate the worth of certain action on YouTube it would go as follows.

5) Views
4) Thumbs Up
3) Comments
2) Friends
1) Subscribers

Friending and buying in are the two most significant things an individual can accomplish for your channel.

Friending is vital in light of the fact that it's somebody lifting their hand and disclosing to you they have sufficient interest in what you need to say to connect with you on their own channel. This likewise shows that you are an agreeable individual on YouTube, and YouTube observes that. Keep in mind, YouTube is likewise a web-based media website, and should be treated as such with regards to cooperating with others.

Your companions rundown can likewise be an amazing asset with regards to searching for individuals to joint endeavor with, search for subsidiaries, and sending a speedy message out to them through the YouTube message framework that you have another video, and would see the value in it in the event that they could send it out to their rundowns and supporters.

Somebody buying in is the most significant in light of the fact that a couple of things occur here.

Most importantly, this is a definitive position of a fan, and we as a whole realize that individuals are fans not long before they are purchasers.

Second, having a huge supporter base is perhaps the main things YouTube sees when choosing things like, which recordings to highlight, who to choose to turn into a YouTube accomplice, and even arrangement of your video in their web crawler.

Third, when somebody buys in to your channel, and you make a video; YouTube refreshes them through the YouTube landing page, and a week by week update by means of email of new recordings that you made. It's an automated assistant that you don't need to pay for or even contemplate. It's accomplished for you!

So how would you get companions and endorsers?

At the point when you make a video you need to make sure to have a source of inspiration toward the end. Obviously you need to inform individuals concerning your site, and urge them to visit, however there are a many individuals that would prefer not to go to your site immediately, and need to look around your channel, and become acquainted with you better. So inside your source of inspiration likewise advise them to buy in to your channel to be quick to get your new video content as it comes out, or something to that effect. At the point when individuals are watching recordings they are extremely uninvolved. They don't think to buy in except if you advise them to. At the point when you do this friending will in general accompany it too.
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